A person in a black shirt looks down at a cardboard dog he's holding to his chest. Cardboard puppy steals hearts

Cardboard puppy steals hearts

4 July 2022

Spare Parts Puppet Theatre’s holiday production Hachiko: The Loyal Dog moves young writer Bethany Stopher with its bewitching cardboard creations.

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Reading time • 5 minutesTheatre
Pull the Pin A scene from Pull the Pin in which Caitlin Beresford holds a bowling ball up in front of her. The room is dark and she looks pensive. It’s a strike!

It’s a strike!

20 June 2022

Local theatre company strikes just the right note, with a feel-good story of female friendship and tenpins, writes Claire Trolio.

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Caress/Ache. A group of people are dressed in doctors surgical scrubs and masks. One person has their hands in an empty baby's humidicrib The beauty and pain of touch

The beauty and pain of touch

10 June 2022

Caress/Ache is far from perfect but, as David Zampatti discovers, the quality of the production and performances go a long way to compensating for its shortcomings.

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Tristan McInnes and Ellen-Hope Thomson in Moody. Photo: Georgi Ivers A woman wearing a dress in red and orange stands with he arms outstretched in a wide V. In one hand she holds a small bunch of white flowers and she smiles up at them. Behind her outstretched right arm stands a man, who looks at her and smiles. Dancing a difficult duet with love

Dancing a difficult duet with love

9 June 2022

Trust and love lie at the heart of Fonder Physical Theatre’s new work about living with mental illness, writes Nina Levy.

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Once. A group of musicans are grouped around a bar looking as if they are playing a lively number. Instruments include guitar, fiddle, mandolin and accordian Once in a lifetime

Once in a lifetime

2 June 2022

The playful, sentimental Once is a production for our times, the perfect cure for all that ails us, writes David Zampatti.

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Sensorium Theatre. Photo: Jessica Wyld. A scene from Oddysea by Sensorium Theatre. Two children peer at something we can't see, using a small torch. Their faces are alight with wonder. Creating a wonder-filled world for kids

Creating a wonder-filled world for kids

19 May 2022

Sensorium Theatre has been making work for young people with disability for 12 years, and now the zeitgeist is finally catching up, writes Varnya Bromilow.

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Amy Mathews and Alison van Reeken are rehearsing 'Toast'. They stand amidst a studio that is set up to look like a garage. Amy stands in the foreground and holds a piece of tupperware to her heart. Alison is in the background and holds some Tupperware loosely, looking somewhat belligerent. Toast retains its crunch

Toast retains its crunch

9 May 2022

Despite last minute cast changes, Liz Newell’s Toast continues to shine in its second season, writes Claire Trolio.

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Toast actor Anna Lindstedt is in rehearsal. She sits on a floral armchair, with her legs flopped over one of its arms. She wears overear headphones and is holding open a copy of Stephanie Meyer's 'New Moon'. She looks annoyed. What to SEE: Toast
What to SEE

What to SEE: Toast

3 May 2022

Liz Newell’s Toast charmed audiences when it premiered at The Blue Room Theatre in 2017. Now it’s taking to the State Theatre stage, thanks to a collaboration between The Blue Room and Black Swan State Theatre Company.

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Cleaver Street Studio

Cleaver Street Studio

Cleaver Street Studio