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April 19, Calendar, Dance, Performing arts

Dance: The Presence of Wool

12 – 14 April @ Albany ·
Presented by Sym Parr – Albany Contemporary Dance ·

This contemporary dance work, choreographed by Symantha Parr, reflects on the Old Albany Woollen Mills, the workers and their stories. Utilising oral histories and actual sounds recorded in the woollen mills, local sound composer James Gentle creates an enthralling soundscape to illustrate the narrative. Community members, in company with student and professional dancers, portray the unending cycle of back breaking and deafening work of the Woollen Mill, whilst the presences and ghosts of the decaying factory dance and daydream of other things. Up-cycled costumes created by local artisans adorn the dancers and created wool art decorates the rural site.

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Pictured: Wool Dance, credit: Bob Symons

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