Author Andrew O'Connell wears a white shirt an lilac jacket. He is outside leaning against a brick wall. Short cuts to adventure

Short cuts to adventure

18 May 2023

Drawing inspiration from the Danish fables, Andrew O’Connell takes readers into the unknown. With his fourth collection of short stories just released, the author tells Julie Hosking what the world of eventyr is all about.

Reading time • 10 minutesLiterature
Photo: supplied A group of three men dressed in black suits stand in a huddle. One appears to be falling off balance. Another seems to be gesturing to something out of frame. They are in a theatre studio. What to SEE: Art by Company O
What to SEE

What to SEE: Art by Company O

14 September 2022

Company O Director Andrew O’Connell is not into preaching to the converted. Instead he hopes you’ll enjoy a Company O production because you’ve been challenged. Nina Levy finds out more.

Reading time • 8 minutesTheatre

Cleaver Street Studio

Cleaver Street Studio


Cleaver Street Studio