A musician rests on a viola, bow in hand, ready to perform. The musician and conductor is Noongar man Aaron Wyatt. Bringing First Nations’ history to light

Bringing First Nations’ history to light

19 September 2022

Conductor, violist and digital engineer Aaron Wyatt has plenty of strings to his bow. But building awareness of Indigenous music is what gets him most excited. Varnya Bromilow talks to him ahead of the WA premiere of Eumeralla Requiem.

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Promotional image for Your Arts Playground. The words

Introducing Your Arts Playground, Seesaw’s new podcast

30 June 2021

Not sure where to find out what’s happening in WA’s arts scene? Feel like you’re always hearing about the cool new shows, concerts and exhibitions after they’ve finished? Check out Your Arts Playground, a new monthly podcast from Seesaw’s managing editors, Nina Levy and Rosalind Appleby.

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A woman with short dark hair holds mallets in her hand as she plays toms and a marimba, behind her is the back of the conductor as he faces the orchestra Heroic women in hefty concert

Heroic women in hefty concert

12 April 2021

Wonder woman Claire Edwardes was the star of the night with a monumental performance with the West Australian Symphony Orchestra. And Tiffany Ha says there’s room for plenty more classical music heroines.

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Where the sound of movies began

Where the sound of movies began

29 November 2019

Mark Naglazas talks to Benjamin Northey about the West Australian Symphony Orchestra’s new venture into the Golden Age of movies.

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Cleaver Street Studio

Cleaver Street Studio


Cleaver Street Studio