Photo: Court McAllister
 A Noongar man stands in a swathe of fiery red light. He holds a spear and appears to be calling or shouting. A spray of sand suggests he has just stamped his foot. ‘Noongar Wonderland’ – more than adventures

‘Noongar Wonderland’ – more than adventures

4 March 2022

As the name promises, Perth Festival’s closing event is filled with wonder, but it’s also filled with valuable Noongar lessons about how to live and love, says Barbara Hostalek.

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Photo: Stephen Heath Photography A young woman stands with her hands held to her chest. She looks hopeful. Behind her sits a man at a desk. He is slouched and looks pensive. Tasty stuff from graduating class

Tasty stuff from graduating class

11 June 2021

‘Gloria’ is a brutally insightful play and WAAPA’s third year acting students have proven themselves worthy of the challenges it presents, writes David Zampatti.

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Cleaver Street Studio

Cleaver Street Studio

Cleaver Street Studio