Toast actor Anna Lindstedt is in rehearsal. She sits on a floral armchair, with her legs flopped over one of its arms. She wears overear headphones and is holding open a copy of Stephanie Meyer's 'New Moon'. She looks annoyed. What to SEE: Toast
What to SEE

What to SEE: Toast

3 May 2022

Liz Newell’s Toast charmed audiences when it premiered at The Blue Room Theatre in 2017. Now it’s taking to the State Theatre stage, thanks to a collaboration between The Blue Room and Black Swan State Theatre Company.

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'Ugly Virgins'. Photo supplied A skater stands with her arms raised triumphantly. She is surrounded by a circle of four other skaters who raise their arms to her. They all wear helmets and other protective gear. It’s theatre… on skates

It’s theatre… on skates

3 June 2021

Diving into the colourful culture of the fast paced, high risk world of roller derby, Ugly Virgins will take you on a ride that’s not exactly wild, but enjoyable and pleasantly nostalgic, writes Nina Levy.

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