Promotional image for the performance The Ninth Wave, pictured a man is dancing on a sandy beach, throwing himself forward with a bright floodlight illuminates him as he moves, throwing sand in an arc above him Potent and prescient dance

Potent and prescient dance

4 March 2022

The Ninth Wave comes with dynamic performances, strong production values and a powerful message about the state of the world, writes Nina Levy

Reading time • 7 minutesPerth Festival
Reading time • 6 minutesDance
Michelle Aitken. Photo: Mitchell Aldridge. Michelle Aitken perches on her bottom, her legs extended upwards, her feet flexed. One foot hooks behind the other. Her arms are splayed, her hands supporting her. Tiny fragments, part 2

Tiny fragments, part 2

7 May 2021

Nina Levy dives into the second program of STRUT Dance’s 2021 “Short Cuts” season.

Reading time • 5 minutesDance

Cleaver Street Studio

Cleaver Street Studio


Cleaver Street Studio