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She is Strong A woman wearing a black crop top and black jeans carries another woman who is draped across her shoulders. The background looks like a wooden fence. Dance that defies gravity
The Festival Sessions

Dance that defies gravity

11 January 2021

Celebrating the strength of three women, She is Strong is a work that sees two local companies join forces. Aerial dance collective Natural Wings and Rachel Collier Photography have created a work that promises to leave the audience with a sense of community and connection.

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Lisa Näykki and Jeromy Zwick performing their skipping routine. Photo: Jordan Pursey Lisa Näykki and Jeromy Zwick mid-skipping routine. The share two ropes, one loops overhead, the other hangs between them. Lisa has her outside arm extended, Jeromy's arms are crossed. Around the world in Freo

Around the world in Freo

22 July 2020

Circus WA’s “Home Brew Cabaret” served up an impressive array of local and international artists, reports Nina Levy.

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Cleaver Street Studio

Cleaver Street Studio

Cleaver Street Studio