A blonde woman in black stands, hands placed together in front of her as if in prayer. She looks upset and pleading. A man in a blue jacket in one shirt can be seen in the background. Big Apple spin gives opera bite

Big Apple spin gives opera bite

1 September 2023

Freeze Frame Opera has done it again, delivering a wildly inventive take on a classic that deserves to be better known. Will Yeoman heads to Broadway. 

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A figure dangles from a huge multi-coloured balloon, nothing but blackness all around. This is CircusWest's ECLIPSE Make August a month to remember
What to SEE

Make August a month to remember

27 July 2023

Is winter over yet? If you can’t beat the weather, just ignore it and stay indoors. Our August gig guide is full of good reasons to do just that. 

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Pictured top: Brett Peart, Brigitte Heuser, Ava Charleson, Robert Hofmann, Ruth Burke in 'Angels & Devils'. Photo supplied A man in a nightgown sits on a bed, surrounded by a 4 other cast members Romantic thrills and spills

Romantic thrills and spills

23 August 2021

Freeze Frame Opera’s “Angels & Devils” presents unlikely opera repertoire in an unusual venue and Sandra Bowdler says it offers a night of good fun and great singing.

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Cleaver Street Studio

Cleaver Street Studio


Cleaver Street Studio