Man playing unique instrument Trautonium
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Film: Music: Trautonium vs Fritz Lang’s Metropolis Live

13 April @ Northbridge Piazza ·
Presented by Northbridge Piazza ·

German musician Peter Pichler brings his unique expertise and even more unique instrument, the trautonium, to Perth for the first time, performing a live composition to Fritz Lang’s sci-fi classic Metropolis (1927) in Northbridge Piazza. Experience first-hand the strange, eerie, yet wonderfully warm sounds of this unique instrument alongside a classic and enduring German Expressionist film.

Peter Pichler is a classically trained multi-instrumentalist based in Munich, Germany. Pichler has studied the trautonium since he was very young, and is now the only touring artist in the world who plays the instrument.

This is the first time the trautonium has toured outside of Europe.

Saturday 13 April, 7.30pm
Northbridge Piazza, corner Lake and James Streets
Free, no booking required.

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Pictured: Trautonium, credit: Dietmar Zwick


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Dog's Head peering out from a train
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Film: Western Waves Film Festival

4 – 7 April @ Northbridge Piazza ·
Presented by City of Perth and Screenwest ·

City of Perth supported by Screenwest proudly present Western Waves, a celebration of Western Australian feel-good feature length film, short film and musical performances. WA’s striking landscape with its harshness and beauty inspires many of the stories while the iconic humour that has become a hallmark of our identity shines through in these delightful films, which represent only a slice of the diversity of Western Australia and the experiences of its people. Featuring new and classic movies from local filmmakers as well as a special jazz performance by Libby Hammer on the Saturday, the Western Waves Film Festival has something to captivate everyone, from families to film buffs alike.

Northbridge Piazza on the corner of Lake and James Street

More info

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Painting of a reflection of Perth's council house by Clay Bradbury
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The ordinary seen anew

Review: Clay Bradbury, “Sidewalk” ·
City Arts Space, Northbridge Piazza·
Review by Varnya Bromilow·

I was waiting at a bus stop this week, when I was suddenly taken by the sheer beauty of the thing. Not the fact that it was shielding me from the elements, or the seat I was able to rest my lazy ass upon, no, the object itself. The curves of the concrete; the little peek-hole where one can spy the ever-elusive bus; the simple shape of the shelter itself. Admission – this was not an original thought, it was a reflection prompted by a visit to the weekend opening of “Sidewalk”, an exhibition by local artist Clay Bradbury.

A painting of traffic lights, looking up from the ground
By taking urban objects … and recasting them in a distilled, focused light, our everyday architecture is rendered new. Pictured: ‘Green Light’ by Clay Bradbury.

Bradbury specialises in revisualising the familiar. By taking urban objects that Perthites have grown up with and recasting them in a distilled, focused light, our everyday architecture is rendered new. Bus stops, water towers, shipping containers, traffic lights, fire hydrants, post boxes… all the quotidian physical markers of our time made somehow lovely, cast in new light.

Bradbury initially trained as an engineer before drifting into painting. (One kind of wishes he’d expedited the drift when one witnesses the talent.) He uses oil on wooden board for the most part, sometimes constructing frames that are of a piece with the work. My favourite pieces are painted onto plywood, the polished grain of the wood almost as much of a feature as the paint itself. The works are starkly realistic, save for their unnatural settings. The graffitied hydrant is set apart in the world, there’s nothing around it; it almost exists in a void. The bus stop’s sharp shadows are its only accompaniment in the vacant streetscape. Bradbury has a clear love of the 60’s brutalist style that echoes through much of Perth’s vintage infrastructure. The works are nostalgic, but they’re also lonely.

“Sidewalk” is Bradbury’s third solo show. Like the two that preceded it, most of the works had sold by the end of the first day. I bought one of a bus stop. It makes me feel sad and cosy at the same time, but more importantly, it makes me see my city anew.

Sidewalk is on at the City Arts Space, Northbridge Piazza until October 7.

Pictured top: “council in reflection” by Clay Bradbury.

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Visual Arts: sidewalk – an exhibition of paintings by clay bradbury

October 1-7 @ City Arts Space ·
Presented by Clay Bradbury ·

An exhibition of oil paintings exploring themes of isolation, functionality, and decay via depictions of familiar utilitarian objects and infrastructure related urban landscapes. Through a process of extraction, reflection and displacement, the works capture still moments in a constantly changing built environment, speaking to the essence of place, and preserving what will inevitably be lost.

The exhibition is open from 10am to 4 pm daily at City Arts Space, Northbridge Piazza, corner Lake and James Streets

More info:

Green Light by Clay Bradbury

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