A woman with short-cropped hair holds a cute little dog in her arms. Comedian Kirsty Webeck is looking off into the distance with a smile on her face. Have the last laugh

Have the last laugh

20 April 2023

Need a laugh? Perth Comedy Festival is back with a host of stars, established and rising, to lighten the mood. Julie Hosking takes a look at the line-up. 

Reading time • 9 minutesComedy
A group of performers on stage, the central figure wears leather jacket and black and white checked pants, and has an arm raised in the air in a defiant gesture. The word PINK appears behind them in large pink letters Barbie fires up the party

Barbie fires up the party

3 February 2022

A circus troupe and drag artist join forces in a fitting tribute to a pop superstar, writes Michelle White.

Reading time • 4 minutesCircus

Cleaver Street Studio

Cleaver Street Studio


Cleaver Street Studio