A musician with brown curly hair stands behind a microphone, with trees behind her. She is wearing a green top and holding a flute to her mouth. Expect the unexpected
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Expect the unexpected

22 June 2023

What happens when you bring talented musicians together to improvise over one glorious weekend? Julie Hosking talks to two of the curators of a festival where anything goes.

Reading time • 10 minutesMusic
Reading time • 5 minutesFringe World Festival
A photo of a woman covering her face with her hands, which are covered in Farsi script. Her shoulder length dark hair blows slightly to the viewer's left. Art draws connection in diaspora

Art draws connection in diaspora

21 April 2021

What happens when the second generation takes the lead?

Founded by emerging local creatives Elham Eshraghian-Haakansson and Asha Kiani, Second Generation Collective makes space for the stories of migrants who fled to Australia from Iran during the 1979 revolution, and their children who have grown up in Whadjuk Noongar country (Perth).

Reading time • 10 minutesVisual Art
Tragedy at the heart of paradise

Tragedy at the heart of paradise

16 February 2021

Leyla Stevens’ exhibition ‘Dua Dunia’ brings idyllic Bali’s painful and brutal past sharply into focus, Miranda Johnson discovers.

Reading time • 4 minutesPerth Festival
Exhibiting artists: left to right, Lucille Martin, Jo Darbyshire, Dr Kelsey Ashe, Rebecca Paterson (Dr Toni Wilkinson not pictured). Surrealist dreams of imaginary territories

Surrealist dreams of imaginary territories

7 October 2020

The women of the surrealist movement are back in the spotlight and Ara Jansen discovers a group exhibition in Fremantle that explores where the real and imaginary meet.

Reading time • 7 minutesVisual Art
Reading time • 1 minuteVisual Art
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Cleaver Street Studio

Cleaver Street Studio


Cleaver Street Studio