Five women wearing black briefs, performing with microphones and looking fierce. Audience stands around them. A cleverly orchestrated cacophony

A cleverly orchestrated cacophony

21 October 2018

Review: Renegade Productions and Bow and Dagger, Medusa · The Blue Room Theatre, 18 October · Review by Steven Cohen · Feminist avante garde story telling…

Reading time • 4 minutes
Woman with snake like tendrils of hair Medusa


20 October 2018

The Blue Room Theatre, 16 Oct – 3 Nov · Presented by Renegade Productions, Bow and Dagger and The Blue Room Theatre · I am the…

Reading time • 2 minutes
Unveiling: gay sex for endtimes Unveiling: gay sex for endtimes An intriguing experiment

An intriguing experiment

16 August 2018

Review: Renegade Productions, Unveiling: Gay Sex For Endtimes · The Blue Room Theatre, Perth, 14 August · Review by Jonathan W. Marshall · Renegade Productions’ Gay…

Reading time • 5 minutes
Unveiling Theatre:  Unveiling: Gay Sex for Endtimes

Theatre: Unveiling: Gay Sex for Endtimes

6 August 2018

14 – 25 August @ The Blue Room Theatre · Presented by: Renegade Productions · Behold! The Second Coming. Presented by the deviant minds at Renegade…

Reading time • 1 minute

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