Photo Daniel Grant Joe Lui squats in the front corner of the photo, with a guitar. He is wearing a cowboy hat and outfit in red and black. In the background is Phoebe Sullivan, who wears tight, sensual red and black garments and poses seductively. Digging into desire

Digging into desire

20 January 2022

In their new burlesque-cabaret work, local theatre makers Joe Lui and Phoebe Sullivan dive into desire, to strip away some ugly truths. But what prompted them to lay these issues bare?

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A stage with the curtain down. The curtain is red and lit with several spotlights. When a classic becomes controversial: Part II

When a classic becomes controversial: Part II

21 September 2021

In part two of our conversation about what we do when beloved classic works perpetuate outdated – and potentially damaging – views and values, local writer, director, designer and composer Joe Paradise Lui dives into the fray.

Reading time • 10 minutesMulti-arts
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Woman with snake like tendrils of hair Medusa


20 October 2018

The Blue Room Theatre, 16 Oct – 3 Nov · Presented by Renegade Productions, Bow and Dagger and The Blue Room Theatre · I am the …

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Cleaver Street Studio

Cleaver Street Studio


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