A violinist with dreadlocks focuses intently on his instrument, which is resting under his chin. His bow is in his right hand, easing over the violin. Behind him is a purple-coloured wall with golden light bouncing off it. Close encounter stirs the soul

Close encounter stirs the soul

18 September 2023

Violinist and composer Rupert Guenther welcomes us into his inner world for a soul-searching evening of improvisation, writes Angela Ho. 

Reading time • 5 minutesMusic
A figure clad in black hoists a huge groper puppet above his head, the fish looking out towards the netting in front of them. This is Spare Parts Puppet Theatre's production of Blueback. Keep the kids happy this holidays

Keep the kids happy this holidays

26 June 2023

Feeling the cold? There’s plenty to warm young hearts (and the young at heart) this July school holidays. Enter a winter wonderland of creative pursuits. 

Reading time • 10 minutesMulti-arts
A violinist in a bright red shirt sits on a chair, one leg crossed over the other. He is shrouded in yellow light, a window behind him, as he plays the violin. Creating poetry in motion

Creating poetry in motion

15 June 2023

Violinist Rupert Guenther shapes music the way a painter brings a canvas to life, weaving a story with each new sound. On the eve of a national tour, the composer shares his passion for classical improvisation with Julie Hosking.

Reading time • 10 minutesMusic

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