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Music: The Freaky Funkathon 1970s Funky Disco Party

15 February @ Bar 1 Nightclub, Hillarys ·
Presented by  Paul Cozens ·

Royal Badness – The Prince Tribute Band at the Fringe World Freaky Funkathon

Fancy dressing up and enjoying some 1970s funky-disco dancing with Utopian Funk and Groove Disciples?  Two LIVE bands, DJ Upfront (RTR FM) and a burlesque performance by Parisian Pin Up Miss Moo Di’ Bleu.

8pm to 12am at Bar 1 Nightclub, Hillarys.

May the FUNK be with you!

More info
W: www.fringeworld.com.au/whats_on/the-freaky-funkathon-fw2019
E:  pmcozens@outlook.com

Pictured: Royal Badness: The Prince Tribute Band LIVE

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Lady on stage, arms wide open
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Cabaret from the heart

The name Coober Pedy conjures up images of the Australian outback, of heat, mines and, of course, opals. It’s not a name you’d normally associate with cabaret.

But cabaret artist Michaela Burger takes audience to that famed Australian town, when she tells a tale that’s close to her heart. Written and performed by Burger, A Migrant’s Son is about her father, but also about the challenges faced by all migrants.

Seesaw chatted with Burger about her life, work and the new show inspired by her dad.

Seesaw: Describe your artistic practice…
Michaela Burger: Cabaret artist, singer, actress…

S: When did you first know that you wanted to be a performer?
MB: My earliest memory is of wanting to be a performer. Perhaps I was three or four. I have sung since I could talk and always knew that my life would be in the arts.

S: Tell us about your training – formal, on-the-job or both?
MB: My initial training was as an actor, when I was very young and still at school. Next I studied for a Bachelor of Music, majoring in classical voice, at the Adelaide Conservatorium of Music, for three years. I then furthered my studies in London at the Mountview Academy of Music for one year, where I obtained a Masters in Musical Theatre. But in saying all of this, I do believe that most of what I have learnt to date has been on the job – especially observing other incredible artists with whom I have been lucky enough to work.

S: What do you love most about what you do?
MB: The freedom with working hours. I love the fact that I can go visit my friends at 3pm on a Tuesday afternoon for a cup of tea… or that my husband and I can go on holiday whenever we want for as long as we want (granted I don’t have shows). This freedom makes up for the fact that I don’t get holiday pay!

S: Career highlight so far?
MB: I have just returned from a season at Southbank Centre London, with Rumpelstiltskin – a co-production of Windmill Theatre Company and State Theatre Company of South Australia. It was a total thrill to perform 30 shows in an auditorium with 900 seats! I feel so fortunate to have had this opportunity and will never forget it. Another highlight was being nominated for a Helpmann Academy Award, along with my co-writer and colleague Greg Wain, for our show Exposing Edith.

S: Career lowlight?
MB: Well, I would say that each time I have no work it could be considered a lowlight… but then again, this is when I begin to create more and when most of my good ideas come! So in the end… possibly a lowlight becomes high…

S: Funniest career moment so far?
MB: It’s hard to pinpoint one moment. Each time something goes wrong on stage, I find it quite hilarious and find that that’s where the joy is – in the mistakes! The audience has no idea what is happening, and for us performers it’s a moment of togetherness that binds us and gives us the feeling of being in it as a team. It is these moments that pull us out when we are feeling like it’s impossible to continue.

S: This is your second time at Fringe World. What drew you back?
MB: I LOVE Fringe World. Last year we worked with Jay Emmanuel at St Georges Cathedral and had the support of Ali Welburn from Limelight Consulting, and I honestly think that it’s because of their generosity and support that I have decided to return. Without them, it would be a hard slog.

S: Tell us about your Fringe World show, A Migrant’s Son
MB: The best way to tell you about the show is with a review quote : )
“A far-reaching generational story that crosses divides, ignites memories and pulls at your heart-strings” – Stage Whispers

The show explores one of the most colourful times in Australian history, the arrival of the Greeks! Brought to life through original compositions, a live musician and a community choir led by Carol Young, this unique and touching account is both hard-hitting and hilarious.

The show tells the story of a poor Greek migrant, my dad, who defied all odds and rose above adversity. From deliveries for the family bakery at age seven to opal mines in Coober Pedy, he is an unstoppable force willing to sacrifice everything for family.

S: What’s your favourite part of the playground?
MB: Definitely a swing! I still stop at a playground if I see a swing and have a swing!

A Migrant’s Son plays at Upper Burt Hall, Cathedral Square, 13 – 16 February.

Pictured top is Michaela Burger in “A Migrant’s Son”. Photo: Anne-Laure Marie.

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Theatre: The Ides of March

8 – 13 February @ Lazy Susan’s Comedy Den ·
Presented by Elwood Social Club Productions ·

Time travel. Treachery. Togas!
When William Shakespeare travels back in time to ancient Rome to research his newest play he unwittingly finds himself a prime suspect in the murder of Julius Caesar. He and his faithful sidekick Cardenio are forced to use all their tact and cunning to evade the villainous senator Brutus, the leader of the conspirators who’s desperate to throw the ‘dirty foreigner’ to the lions, and the trenchcoat-clad  Inspector Detectivus of the Roman Politizia, who’s hell-bent on cracking the case of the century.

More info
W: www.fringeworld.com.au/whats_on/the-ides-of-march-fw2019
E:  kieran.bullock@gmail.com

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Lady in orange dress singing on stage
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Cabaret: Valentine’s Cabaret

14 February @ St George’s Cathedral ·
Presented by Saint G Theatre ·

For one night only, Perth’s gothic heritage-listed Cathedral is transformed into a magical Valentine’s  cabaret cave.

Be hypnotised as performers from around the globe mesmerise you with a sultry selection  of songs and shows. Experience the electric energy coursing through the air in the cavernous Cathedral space.

More info:

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Lady holding medical specimen jar in one hand
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Comedy: Parasites Lost by Alanta Colley

13-16 February @ The Windsor Hotel, South Perth ·
Presented by Alanta Colley ·

After an entirely sold out season at Melbourne International Comedy Fest in 2017, Inspiring Australia isproudly funding Parasites Lost to be part of Fringe World Festival in Perth!

The story of one woman, who has contained multitudes.

You’re never alone, when you’ve got a parasite. Ten years of travelling and working in Asia and Africa, Alanta has seen a few things. And eaten a few things. And yelled her lunch into not an inconsequential number of toilets.

Alanta’s job was to teach people about how to avoid diseases. In the process she contracted most of the world’s least pleasant parasites. Essentially she’s terrible at her job. Come on an adventure, across the globe and through Alanta’s intestine; and learn about some of the world’s cheekiest micro-organisms, and  how Alanta contracted each of them. Not a show for the faint of heart.

Parasites Lost is equal parts scientific, entertaining and comedic. It is a pathos-addled adventure across the globe and under the microscope. Discover brain-controlling fungi, living Hollywood beauty treatments, and parasites living right under your nose. Literally, under your nose. Right now.

Show M15+

“An impressive debut festival show” – Squirrel Comedy

“Colley is a warm, witty and unique performer” – Web Wombat

‘Alanta is an experienced and gifted orator.’ WeekendNotes

More info:

Pictured: Parasites Lost by Alanta Colley, credit Dom Krupinski

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Lady conducting choir
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Music: Instachoir

29 Jan, 4 & 11 Feb @ The Moon ·
Presented by Claire Coleman ·

Calling all choir nerds and wannabe choir nerds! Claire Coleman, founder of Menagerie Choir,  brings her Pop Up Instachoir experience all the way from Berlin to Fringe World. Instachoir renders you, and the rest of the singing audience, the stars of a 3 part harmony pop song extravaganza! Each show features a different pop hit. Come each week to collect the entire set! No musical background? No worries! Experience not required, enthusiasm vital.

Week 1:  29 January: The Bangles “Walk Like An Egyptian”
Week 2:   4 February: The Spice Girls “Stop”
Week 3: 11 February: The Beach Boys “Kokomo”

Each show concludes with a tiny spontaneous performance, so please allow 90 minutes for this show.

More info:

Pictured: Claire Coleman conducting, credit: Nancy Ludwig

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50% Rice 50% Spice
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Comedy: 50% Rice 50% Spice

12 – 17 February @ The Aberdeen Hotel ·
Presented by Sandeep Totlani and Ting Lim ·

An Indian and a Chinese walk into a bar. The bartender says, ‘What is this? A night of laughs?’ Enjoy the distinctive comedic stylings of Ting and Sandeep as they join forces for their debut show at Fringe World.

More info
W: www.fringeworld.com.au/whats_on/50-rice-50-spice-fw2019
E:  sandeeptotlani@yahoo.com

Pictured: 50% Rice 50% Spice: designed by Clayton Storey

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Circus: Fisticuffs

14 – 17 February @ The Black Flamingo, Yagan Square ·
Presented by Sven Hopla ·

A circus theatre that follows and abstract narrative dissecting circus, masculinity and the relationship between audience and performer whilst using aerial acrobatics, dance and physical theatre to tell the tale.

More info
W: www.lifesbestsword.wix.com/svencircus
E:  lifesbestsword@hotmail.com

Pictured: Fisticuffs, credit Hanna Dunn

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A Snake's Tail
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Children’s Event: A Snake’s Tale

29 Jan – 3 Feb, 9 & 10 Feb @ The Shambles, The
Woodside Pleasure Garden ·
17 Feb @ Stevenson Theatre, Midland ·
Presented by Roaming Reptile Education ·

Meet real live snakes and lizards in this interactive show for children aged 3+. Find out what reptiles eat, where they live, and even what they feel like! You’ll finally be able to say you’ve seen a snake’s tale…
“It’s safe to say Cass is some kind of magician.” Weekend Notes, 2018.

Parts of ‘A Snake’s Tale’ were presented at Fringe World last year as the award nominated ‘Wriggly Reptiles’. You can also book Roaming Reptile Education for your own private party or event.

“Amazing reptile show for all ages- especially the young at heart!”
★★★★★ Claudia’s Facebook Wriggly Reptiles Review, 2018.

“Cass is the best snake lady!” ★★★★★ Elijah, 8, at his birthday party 2018.

Award nominated for Fringe World Best Children’s Event 2018.

Auslan interpreted show 3rd February. Interpreter: Christy Filipich

More info:

Pictured: A Snake’s Tail: credit: Mathios Imaging

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Djuki Mala
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Dance: Djuki Mala

18-25 Jan, 9-17 Feb @ The West Australian Spiegeltent
@ The Woodside Pleasure Garden ·
Presented by Bond Creatives ·

Indigenous dance sensations and landmark dance/theatre company took the world by storm, present their internationally acclaimed smash hit production. Unique, infectious, high-energy… like a confetti cannon point blank to the heart. Djuki Mala wow audiences with a spectacular fusion of traditional dance, pop-culture and storytelling that is a marvel of timing, comedy and clowning with a hefty dose of heart and soul! Interspersed with multimedia, this retrospective and autobiographical show offers a rare and insightful view into Aboriginal Australia, leaving the audience feeling genuinely happy!

Best Dance Adelaide Fringe & Fringe World 2017 West Australian
Arts Editors Award 2017.

‘… an hour of infectious joy’ ***** BroadwayBaby
‘No better offering at this year’s Fringe’ ***** West Australian
‘Joy enhancing, inspiring, thrilling, intoxicating’ ***** Upside News
‘Their sheer joy is as infectious as it is delightful’ ***** Advertiser

For a sneak preview please visit: www.vimeo.com/119307371

More info
W: www.djukimala.com
E:  monique.harvey@gmail.com

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