Comedy: Top Shelf Comedy 2018

15 May 2018

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21, 22, 24, 25 and 26 May @ UWA Tavern (May 21, 22, and 26) and Hollywood Bowls Club (May 25 and 15) ·
Presented by University Dramatic Society ·

The University Dramatic Society is obliged to present the seventh annual institution that is, ‘Top Shelf Comedy’! This year’s barrel of laughs is full to the brim with everything you couldn’t possibly have asked for and nothing you did.

This time we’re talking all those hot topics on the tip of your tongue: clowns, weird things women do at breakfast time, Jägensvost. Everyone’s favourite 90s icon Banjo Fresh is even slated to make an appearance!

So join us for a serve of our great aunty’s famous comedy soup: a bit of butter, oodles of oats, a dash of Dettol and a kilo of crunchy bread™. It’s all in the file!

Grab a drink, a friend and a wacky tie, and Fonda on over for a night of lust, laughs and love (well, actually).

Three nights. Fifteen sketches. Five Beatles.

Directed by: Tim Gauntlett and Xavier Hazard

Featuring sketches by: Jess Baldock / Tim Gauntlett / Harry Goodlet / Mike Isitt / Xavier Hazard / Tim Lorian / Matt Nixon / George Samios / Ralph Thompson / Rebecca Warrand / Cam Williamson / Rupert Williamson

Featuring “acting” by: Cam Williamson // Cara Roux // Daniela Da Costa // El Finnie // Georgina Bennett // Jake Harvey // Izzy Stonehouse // Kael McGrechan // Matt Nixon // Mike Isitt // Molly Hollohan // Nicholas Warrand // Nick “The Spice” Morlet // Nuala Chapple // Rebecca Warrand // Tim Lorian

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