Music: Australasia – Giovanni Consort in Yanchep Cave

7 May 2018

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2 June @ Cabaret Cave, Yanchep National Park ·
Presented by Giovanni Consort ·

The Giovanni Consort are presenting a selection of Australasian choral works in the fantastic acoustics and visually spectacular setting of the Cabaret Cave in Yanchep National Park. Originally used in the 1930’s to provide a secret dinner and dance location for Perth’s rich and famous, Cabaret Cave is Perth’s only venue cave.

Choral music from Australia, China and Japan has increasingly become part of the standard repertoire for many choirs around the world. Composers such as Iain Grandage, Gordon Hamilton and Kentaro Sato are finding an ever-increasing global audience for their music. The pure simplicity of music from this part of the world, which is often linked to nature, is unlike that found in traditional musical circles.

Perth’s own Perry Joyce, one of Australia’s most promising and talented musicians, will conduct The Giovanni Consort as we perform a diverse range of works from composers including Grandage, Sato, Stephen Leek, Chen Yi & Hamilton, as well music by Joyce himself.

This performance manages to combine Australian landscape with Australian music – we are singing (among other works) a piece in Noongar in a cave located within a National Park that is part of the Wajuk Noongar region. Singers need to use multi-phonics to sound like didgeridoos, and clapping sticks are involved too. Coupled with this, we are performing 5 other pieces by living Australian composers that each deal with the notion of Country (either Birds, water, people or folk tales). A welcome to country will formally begin the concert.

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