Musical Theatre: Court My Crotch

5 September 2018

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18 Sep – 6 Oct @ The Blue Room Theatre ·
Presented by The Blue Room Theatre & FUGUE ·

Two elite bodies compete under the strict gaze of an umpire. Each presents a facade, each pushes against prejudice. Pick a side and see who can flaunt their way to victory first.

Tennis meets drag in this high-octane, high-spectacle performance investigating the toxicity of sporting and drag culture.

From the company that brought you Arteries by Ancestry comes a new competition of fierce backhands and ferocious song and dance. Born directly from Australian stories and interviews, Court My Crotch is an uncompromising look at our society’s current relationship with gender and sexuality.

Producer: Ellen-Hope Thomson
Writer/Director: James McMillan
Assistant Movement Director: Nicole Harvey
Performers: Ash Traylia, David Mitchell, Morgan Owen
Dramaturg: Geordie Crawley
Sound Designer: Alex & Yell
Set Construction: Paul Grabovac
Lighting Designer: George Ashforth
Stage Manager: Sally Davies
Publicity & Marketing: Alexandre’ Egloff

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Photo by Marshall Stay

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