Music: Decibel Revolution

25 November 2018

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3 December @ Subiaco Arts Centre ·
Presented by Tura New Music ·

Revolution is dedicated to the vinyl record – as a sound source,
musical instrument and score. The program features three new world
premieres by Annika Moses (Difficult Commission), Lindsay Vickery
and Ryan Ross Smith, and existing works by Milan Knížák, Chris De Groot,
Cat Hope and The Velvet Underground.

This concert explores the turntable in music across a range of
approaches, from the deliberate use of breakage, the integration
of purpose cut and prepared records, to the integration of the
skilled turntable performer. This will be one of the first
concerts featuring turntable and vinyl record in every work
of an entire program, providing a detailed overview of the
possibilities for records and record players in new music.

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Maureen Levy

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