Music: Estonian Philharmonic Chamber Choir

18 November 2018

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15 – 16 February @ Winthrop Hall ·
Presented by Estonian Philharmonic Chamber Choir ·

Canon of Repentance
15 February @ 8pm

For the first time in Australia audiences will be treated to a performance of Estonian composer Arvo Pärt’s transcendent Kanon Pokajanen. Memorialised in a recording that has been hailed by Gramophone as ‘faultless’ this rarely heard work is based on sixth-century chants sung at daybreak in Orthodox monasteries.

Northern Lights
16 February @ 3pm

Take a musical journey throughout the northern regions of Europe and North America with the celestial voices of the Estonian Philharmonic Chamber Choir to guide you. This performance will touch your soul as it showcases the Choir’s wide-ranging and inspiring repertoire.

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Pictured: Estonian Philharmonic Chamber Choir, credit: Kaupokikkas

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