Theatre: Lake Disappointment

27 November 2018

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5 – 9 February @ The Blue Room Theatre ·
Presented by Turquoise Theatre & The Blue Room
Summernights ·

Originally commissioned by Bell Shakespeare, award winningAustralian writer Lachlan Philpott teams up with Luke Mullinsto write a searing dark comedy about double identity. You know — like Twelfth Night…..

So there’s this extra, this double, and he sometimes gets mistaken for the actual movie star, which is pretty cool, but then, sometimes, he makes that mistake himself. A sharp and witty look at the painful side of our contemporary culture, where insta, snapchat and abs make or break you. Or even worse — no one even notices.

A side-splitting look at fake tan and having the magic ‘it’ quality, and the sadder side — where if no-one sees you, who even are you? You know? Turquoise Theatre returns with a funny and disturbing look at a lost man who wishes he were more.

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Picture credit: Rebecca Mansell

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Maureen Levy

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