Comedy: Right Wing Comedian

20 December 2018

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22 Jan – 17 Feb @ All Stars Room @ Aberdeen Hotel ·
Presented by Leo Kearse ·

“Right Wing Comedian” comes to the Fringe under a storm of controversy, having been cancelled by its original venue due to allegations of transphobia. This controversy took a twist when it was revealed that Leo wrote the material with a transgender woman he was dating. Aptly, the show deals with the dangers of censorship, no-platforming and liberal totalitarianism. You can read about the transphobia controversy here:

Scottish Comedian of the Year Leo Kearse rips into liberals in “Right Wing Comedian” which was a sellout at the Edinburgh Fringe. He takes a scalpel to male feminists, environmentalists, snowflakes, #MeToo and much more, showing why socialists are selfish and Trump is great. If you want to escape the liberal bubble of the Fringe and see a raw, hilariously antagonistic show from a man unafraid to speak his mind, this is the show for you.

‘A giant of the art’ –

More info:

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