Theatre: Bitch on Heat

10 December 2018

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5 – 9 February @ The Blue Room ·
Presented by The Blue Room Theatre Summer Nights
& Leah Shelton ·

Love latex and hate the patriarchy? Pour a drink, ditch the leash, and come revel in this twisted rehashing of the vintage sexism that drives how we live and love and fight and f*ck.

Absurdist lip-synch meets high-camp performance art in this pop-fuelled critique of sexual politics in the age of implied consent. Nothing is sacred as psycho-siren Leah Shelton trawls through a Pandora’s box of ancient myths, porn, pop-culture, instructional records and revenge movie heroines.

Welcome to the doghouse. Beware. This Bitch bites.

Created by Leah Shelton (Terror Australis, La Clique) and directed by UK performance art royalty Ursula Martinez.

“no answers, just a full set of can’t-tear-your-eyes-away provocations” (NHIB)

More info:

Bitch on Heat, credit Sarah Walker

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Maureen Levy

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