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31 December 2018

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22 – 26 January @ The Blue Room Theatre ·
Presented by Blue Room Theatre Summer Nights
& public service announcement ·

“It’s like when you get all flustered and you don’t know what to do… so you just eat Sukin Face Wash.”

Jane Parker says Grace is the head of the Itty Bitty Titty Committee, and Octopus just ate her pet goldfish. Octopus is like a Patronus, but crap. Today seems fine, but when Octopus demands a move to the Great Pacific Garbage Patch, things take a turn.

A delightful look at dealing with our slimy shape-shifting anxieties, GRACE is a new play from the award-winning makers behind The Cockburn Incident (2017 Adelaide Fringe Tour Ready Award).

Warnings: Mental Health

Featuring Simone Detourbet, Anna Dooley, Ana Ika & Elise Wilson

Producer: Erin Lockyer
Writer: Zachary Sheridan
Director: Phoebe Sullivan
Design: Sally Phipps
Sound: Isaac Diamond
Lighting: Phoebe Pilcher
Stage Management: Charley Newton
Marketing & Publicity: Mitchell Whelan
Project Mentor: Will O’Mahony

More info:

Pictured: Grace, credit: Pixel Poetry

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