Circus: 360 ALLSTARS

21 January 2019

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23 Jan – 10 Feb @ Teatro @ The Woodside Pleasure Garden ·
Presented by Urban Circus ·

Internationally-acclaimed 360 ALLSTARS is a phenomenal physical performance which explores all forms of rotation, connecting the street with the elite to deliver a supercharged urban circus. 360 ALLSTARS is a spectacularfusion of the extraordinary artistry that emerges from street culture.
“Mind boggling, awe-inspiring entertainment” ★★★★★
– All Over Adelaide

This production boasts a stellar international cast, including a two-time World Champion BMX Flatlander, two World Champion breakdancers, an internationally acclaimed basketball freestyler and Guinness World Record-holding roue cyr artist, Rowen Thomas, who hails from Western Australia. Add to this a stunning live soundtrack delivered by New Zealand’s ‘X Factor’ Winner, Beau Monga, and award-winning master musician, Gene Peterson, coupled with spectacular video projections, 360 ALLSTARS is as aurally exciting as it is visually astounding.

“A supercharged show… incredibly talented athletes and musicians”
– Theatermania, New York

A magnificent, colourful and astonishing expression of a generation that has reinvented public performance, 360 ALLSTARS is a revolutionary production that will leave you dizzy with excitement!

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Maureen Levy

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