Comedy: Improv Attacks Humanity

15 January 2019

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29 Jan – 17 Feb @ Aberdeen Hotel ·
Presented by Damien Vosk ·

What happens when you cross the hottest, rudest party game of the last decade with the sharpest minds that the Aussie Improv scene has to offer? You get Improv Attacks Humanity – improv for the awful.

Armed with what can be at best described as a politically incorrect card game and at worse an offensively brilliant premise, the cast are truly at the whim and fancy of the audience – you dictate the show that you want to see. This is high stakes improvisation where the line will not only be walked but trampled and curb-stomped. Watch as the cast use their improvisational know-how to explore the insane propositions that the card game and audience come up with.

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Maureen Levy

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