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1 January 2019

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18-26 January @ The Blue Room Theatre ·
Presented by Charlotte Otton & The Blue Room
Theatre Summer Nights ·

Feminah is a cabaret piece about the vulgar women of the world; the women that embrace all things trashy and beastly and that celebrate their intrinsically hideous selves. It is a power ballad for women too scared to unleash the beast within and let her wreak havoc. Feminah follows one woman on a war-path to dismantle every structure set in place to keep her calm and appropriate; she’s here to destroy the town, and maybe take you with it.

A solo show created by Perth’s staunchly seductive powerhouse Charlotte Otton, Feminah is an ode to women that censor themselves for the sake of being professional or tasteful.

Presented with The Blue Room Theatre Summer Nights, this explosion of gritty
femininity is what happens when a woman refuses the idea of ‘having it all’ and instead, annihilates it.

Charlotte Otton’s debut sell out show Let me finish. was nominated for 7 of The Blue Room Theatre’s 2018 awards, and won the Member’s Choice and Judge’s Choice awards!

“One of the most exciting shows I’ve seen in the indie sector for a few years,
I’m very keen to see what happens next for the artists involved.” -Performing Lines

“Charlotte has a real comedic gift”- OUTinPerth

“Charollet you have a very sexy attractive leg”- Jovan from Tinder

Writer & Performer: Charlotte Otton
Live Composer & Lighting Designer: Joe Lui
Dramaturg & Mentor: Libby Klysz
Stage Manager: Jessie Atkins
Producer: Alexander Egloff
Publicist: Kayla MacGillivray

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Pictured: Charlotte Otton, credit: Marshall Stay


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