Theatre: The Greening of Grace & Lady Willpower

17 January 2019

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8 – 23 February @ Stirling Theatre, Innaloo ·
Presented by Stirling Theatre ·

Two strong ladies feature in two strong plays for Stirling Theatre’s first season of 2019.

Presented under the banner of “Grace and Willpower”, The Greening of Grace is about a woman who changes her politics after traumatic life events while Lady Willpower is a gentle comedy of bad manners, deceit and a battle of siblings over a £30 million estate. Written by Australian actor William Zappa and directed by Tim Riessen, The Greening of Grace highlights that every individual has the power to change the world.

“The play is told from Grace’s perspective, in retrospect, providing an insight into how her family provided a catalyst for the change,” Riessen said. “I was inspired to direct the show by what I saw as a strong character in the title role. The biggest challenge comes from Grace acting as the narrator – allowing her to tell her story is crucial but it’s not a one-person show.”

Written and directed by Bob Charteris, Lady Willpower stems from the author’s fascination of media reports about families fighting over wills. “I’ve always thought it would make an ideal subject for a comedy,” he said. The play features Lady Catherine Cadwalladr, a woman who has led an unusual life and intends to make her last days equally unusual by re-writing her will. “This causes ructions with her rather nasty and spiteful middle-aged childrenwho think they are going to get an equal share of the  estate,” Charteris said. “That’s until they discover their mother has certain ‘conditions’.”

“Grace and Willpower” plays at 8pm February 8, 9, 14, 15, 16, 21, 22 and 23 with 2pm matinees February 10 and 17.

Stirling Theatre is on Morris Place, Innaloo.

More info:
Or  Morris News: 9446 9120

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