Dance: Within

8 April 2019

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26 April @ Broadwalk Theatre, Mandurah Performing
Arts Centre ·
Presented by Iridescence Dance Company ·

Within – a double-bill ballet. Internal landscape versus the outer persona. An experience in ballet, music, spoken-word and aerial. Fire Within. Inspired by the saying “Sky above me, Earth beneath me, Fire within me”, the narrative focuses on Beatrice’s walk outside and her reveries. Does she have cause for happiness?

Shakti. Three women, each in different cultures, each with different societal expectations. Within the bundle of twine-bound journals found in the effects of her beloved and recently departed aunty, the lives of Cataline, Atiya and Danielle are revealed to Sarah.

Aerial art explores each woman’s internal landscape; ballet explores the external actions of the woman. Vocalization of the inner monologue of each character shows the moments of internal and external congruency/conflict.

Within is a ballet imbued with meaning, but remains a visual and aural delight that has the flavour of a classic ballet, in a modern context.

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Pictured: Iridescence, credit: ATdesign

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Maureen Levy

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