Visual Arts: Concrete E X P A N D E D

14 May 2019

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2 Jun – 22 Sep @ Vasse Felix Winery ·
Presented by Janet Holmes à Court Gallery ·

This exhibition considers the affects of colour, design, pattern and shape through works of geometric abstraction. It takes part in a conversation about an ongoing artistic concern with Minimalist and Concrete Art in the new millennium. It playfully suggests an expansion of the genre of Concrete Art that had a local explosion on the streets of Fremantle in the early 2000’s. In Concrete E X P A N D E D large-scale, hard edged, minimal, abstract and pure colour paintings are joined by, three-dimensional wall-works, actual concrete sculpture, light sculptures and ephemeral light works. Together these works coalesce and converse in philosophical questions of form, aesthetic experience and existence.

Artists: Rebecca Baumann, Consuelo Cavaniglia, Jannene Eaton, Robert Hunter, Brian McKay, Trevor Richards, Douglas Sheerer, Helen Smith, Trevor Vickers, Josh Webb.

More info
W: www.holmesacourtgallery.com.au
E:  Laetitia.wilson@heytesbury.com.au

Trevor Richards, Through and Under, 2018,
acrylic polymer paint on canvas

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