An illustrated lecture with Nicholas Mangan

10 July 2019

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24 July @ Perth Institute of Contemporary Arts (PICA) ·
Presented by PICA & Nicholas Mangan ·

Nicholas Mangan’s work challenges us to question the histories embedded in objects, structures, and documents of human culture. How often do we consider the effects of  human activity on the natural environment? Mangan – one of Australia’s leading contemporary artists – calls for us to interrogate these narratives, and asks us to imagine possible futures.

Come down for this illustrated lecture, led by Mangan, through lines of research and anecdotal histories that have informed the development of his revealing project Termite Economies.

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Pictured: Image AMS467_035_354 – man sawing section out of termite mound nest.
Courtesy Australian Museum Archives. Credit: Anthony Musgrave

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