Disrupted: Festival of Ideas

3 July 2019

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27 & 28 July @ State Library of WA ·
Presented by State Library of WA ·

The truth. Can it be subjective? Manipulated? Changed by opinion? And will it really set you free? Libraries throughout history have played a significant role as the trusted keepers of history, truth and information. The State Library of Western Australia’s Disrupted Festival of Ideas 2019 takes on the truth, in all its forms.

Meet scientists, journalists, writers, and professionals dedicated to truths that others deny as inconvenient. Discover how to harness your own truth, better understand your brain and spot  fake news. Learn the fascinating history behind mistruths, lies, and other forms of manipulation and how your library can be a powerful weapon in the fight against truth distortion, bias and agenda.

All events are FREE to the general public with no registration required with the exception of  some workshops and activities.

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Pictured: Festival of Disrupted Ideas, credit: Jessica Wyld


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