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8 August 2019

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13 August @ The Sewing Room ·
Presented by Tura New Music ·

Tura’s monthly night of new sounds at The Sewing Room.
This Month Featuring:
Hi. Ok, Sorry.
Lana Rothnie
Ben Agüero
Great Statue
Movement: Jacinta Larcombe / Olivia Hendry / Lilly King / Umairah Murtaza.

Tura presents an evening of evolving club beats, off-kilter house, and elusive positions in a conversation between improvised movement and experimental electronic music. This club-night-gone-weird features live sets from local electronic musicians paired with live improvised dance from movement artists. Sounds from Lana Rothnie, Ben Aguero and Hi. Ok, Sorry. Shapes from Olivia Hendry, Lilly King, Jacinta Larcombe and Umairah Murtaza. Multivalent voicings drift up from the basement; motions becoming below; sounds and shapes in odd conversation.

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Pictured: HI.Ok.Sorry by Derren Hall

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Maureen Levy

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