Visual Arts: Retro Stasia epidemic of nostalgia frenzy of progress

19 September 2019

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1 – 6 October @ Spectrum Project Space, Edith Cowan University, Mount Lawley ·
Presented by Laura Mitchell ·

Retro Stasia presents an interim view into Mitchell’s practice-led PhD research in the field of expanded painting as a contemporary method to critique and comprehend post-internet consumerism; its impact on place, space and collective memory. For this exhibition Mitchell develops a series of paintings focusing on the notion of mashup as method – a creation using material from two or more disparate sources. The term mashup is also used to describe Mitchell’s current praxis, which is located within the white cube of the gallery, the street, and between digital and tactile media.

Opening: Friday 4 October at 6pm by Dr Paul Uhlmann

Artists in Conversation, Laura Mitchell & Gale Thackeray, Sunday 6 October 11am. Facilitated by Dr Lyndall Adams

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Pictured: Deli-Glitch, Solid Life-Liquid Life, Laura Mitchell, 2019, graphite on rice paper, aerosol on rendered wall, digital collage. Photograph courtesy of the artist.

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