Workshop: Mothers Who Make (Perth Hub)

1 November 2019

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7 Nov, 5 Dec & 21 Jan @ The Blue Room Theatre ·
Presented by Mothers Who Make and Michelle Hall ·

Mothers Who Make is a grass roots, international initiative, dedicated to supporting mothers who hold the dual roles of mother and artist/producer/presenter. Monthly Mothers Who Make Hub sessions are a supportive, creative space to connect, share, network and participate. It is a space to make work, share work-in-progress and explore motherhood as complex, exciting and valuable content for art making. Any kind of maker is welcome and any kind of mother, children of any age are encouraged to attend too.

Mothers Who Make began in 2014 with Matilda Leyser (Associate Director Improbable Theatre, UK) as a way to explore the experiences and challenges specific to being both a mother and an artist. There are currently 22 MWM Hubs in the UK, with Perth being The First International Hub!  We are followed by Paris, LA, New Zealand and Kenya. So join this global movement! Be visible. Be valued.

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Pictured: Mothers Who Make, credit: Lisa Whiting

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