Theatre: Six Dance Lessons in Six Weeks

5 November 2019

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22 Nov – 7 Dec @ Melville Theatre, Palmyra ·
Presented by Melville Theatre ·

Swing dance, tango, foxtrot and cha cha combine to serve up lessons in tolerance and acceptance in Melville Theatre’s end-of-year show. Written by Richard Alfieri and directed by Geoffrey Leeder, Six Dance Lessons in Six Weeks is a comedy about an ageing yet formidable retiree who hires an acerbic dance instructor to teach her. The antagonism between the Florida woman, the widow of a Southern Baptist minister, and her gay dance instructor soon gives way to profound compatibility. During the sixth and final lesson, she reveals a closely guarded secret and he shares his greatest gifts – loyalty and compassion.

Since its first performance in 2001, Six Dance Lessons in Six Weeks has been translated into 14 languages with productions in 24 countries. The play has established itself as an international hit and is one of the most produced shows the world.

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Pictured: Formidable retiree Lily Harrison (Suzannah Churchman, left) takes dance lessons from the acerbic Michael Minetti (Manuao TeAotonga).

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