Elliot’s Big Nose and the Snot That it Grows – saved by snot.

25 January 2022

A puppet show about a child with a big, snotty nose as ridiculous as it sounds, says Kobi Morrison, and the beautiful madness has kids and adults hooked.

Elliot’s Big Nose and the Snot That it Grows, Elise Wilson & Christopher Moro ·
State Theatre Center, 24 January 2022 ·

Fringe world offers a plethora of plays and shows for all ages, including children. If you happen to find yourself in the vicinity of the WA State Theatre with your family then consider reserving some time to see the puppet play Elliot’s Big Nose and the Snot That it Grows.

The play is beautifully written by young playwright Elise Wilson and tells the story of eight year old Elliot, who is sometimes teased in school for having a big nose. One day Elliot is put in a stressful position and her snot saves the day.

Elliot and her snot proceed to have adventures together. The directions the storyline takes are wild and full of imagination and keep the kids consistently curious as to what will happen next. Under the direction of Christopher Moro this beautiful madness unfolds clearly, and the children and adults are hooked.

Wilson and Moro have created the show under the mentorship of Barking Gecko and the Australian Theatre for Young People’s Fresh Ink program. Characters are comprised of interesting puppets and personas taken on by Wilson and extra puppeteers Asha Kiani, Kylie Bywaters and Fiona MacDonald. Their acting range is impressive and they capture multiple emotions for the audience to sympathise with. They deliver Wilson’s well-crafted rhyming poetry with expression and the children are able to follow along with ease.

This talent is paired with intelligent use of props; you’d be amazed by the sheer amount of everyday objects that can be used as fake snot!

Elliot’s Big Nose and the Snot That it Grows is as ridiculous as the name would suggest, and I can guarantee you will have fun.

Elliot’s Big Nose and the Snot That it Grows continues at the State Theatre until 29 January 2022.

Pictured top: The puppeteers capture multiple emotions in ‘Elliot’s Big Nose’. Photo: Georgi Ivers

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Author —
Kobi Arthur Morrison

Emerging writer Kobi Arthur Morrison is a Bibbulmun Noongar born and raised in Perth. Kobi works at the UWA Centre of Social Impact and Propel Youth Arts WA and spends his spare time participating in music projects such as Moombaki, Koondarm, Koorlong, Madjitil Moorna and Endeavourous. In 2018 he was awarded the Perth NAIDOC Youth of the Year award. He loves playgrounds that are integrated into nature, particularly the tree house.

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