Lost and Found Opera's Mel Cantwell and Mark Coughlan stand in front of a distressed tin wall in what looks like the inside of a shed. Behind them is a yellow extension chord; to their right are some pipes. Duo ready to make up for Lost time

Duo ready to make up for Lost time

15 February 2023

A series of untimely events forced Lost and Found Opera into an extended hibernation. Three years on, the innovative company is back with renewed vigour. Co-artistic directors Mark Coughlan and Mel Cantwell give us some insight into the revival.

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Two people wearing white stand in front of a backdrop of purple flowers. The person standing behind holds  the neck of the person in front of her, who gazes up at them with an expression of mixed wonder and horror.  Sex, drugs and… opera
The Festival Sessions

Sex, drugs and… opera

24 January 2023

Tenth Muse Initiative is bringing a haunting tale from queer history to The Blue Room Theatre stage this summer, and if you’re new to opera, this could be the place to start.

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Cleaver Street Studio

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Cleaver Street Studio