A promotional image for SymbioticA, pictured a small green plant growing in a box under a light Art and science in symbiosis

Art and science in symbiosis

9 February 2022

Do we really need sunshine, soil and fertiliser to grow food? SymbioticA’s latest exhibition scrutinises the way technology and science can be used to manipulate our food.

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Three large men flex their muscles. The image is a negative and the figures are in darkness. They look like they're dancing. and each figure is tinted, one yellow, one blue and one red. Feast of art feeds local appetites

Feast of art feeds local appetites

10 December 2020

It’s time to dump cultural cringe. This year’s visual arts program at Perth Festival is both bigger than before and almost 100% local. It’s exciting and a chance for everyone to put a little more art into their lives. Ara Jansen reports.

Reading time • 8 minutesVisual Art
Link Dance Company. Dancing in the dark

Dancing in the dark

6 September 2019

Review: Link Dance Company, ‘In the Dark’ ·
PS Art Space, 4 September ·
Review by Varnya Bromilow ·

Reading time • 4 minutesDance
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Cleaver Street Studio

Cleaver Street Studio


Cleaver Street Studio