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Cartoon girl with black hair and a purple dress with a pink flower on a yellow background. A tale of working 9 to 5
The Festival Sessions

A tale of working 9 to 5

27 January 2022

Making its world premiere at Fringe World 2022, The Almost Completely Terrible Tale of Felicity Footin is a didactic fable that makes a mockery of the modern workplace.

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A man and woman wearing black clothes and holding enormous teacups Fancy a Poe-etic musical?

Fancy a Poe-etic musical?

3 December 2021

By all accounts Edgar Allan Poe’s life was as lugubrious as his poems and short stories. Will a musical based on his life be as heavy on les miserables? David Zampatti finds out.

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Monstrous Woman. Photo supplied A giant mask with an origami-like construction is lit purple on stage. A monstrous myth-buster

A monstrous myth-buster

5 November 2021

Distrust of female sexuality is at the core of the myth that Susie Conte blows apart in her new play… but Claire Trolio wants her to take it further.

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Alicia Osyka, Jeffrey Jay Fowler, Amy Mathews in 'Bite The Hand'. Photo: Christophe Canto Three people are in a grey-walled room that is sparsely furnished with two grey box seats. A picture on one wall could be a scan of a human pelvis or a painting of a butterfly. One person, a woman, sits on one of the box seats, watching the other two. One of those people wears an oversized dog collar with a tag and has his arms stretched up in the air. The other person seems to be scratching his tummy, as though he is a dog. Hunters continue to lead the pack

Hunters continue to lead the pack

15 October 2021

The Last Great Hunt’s Bite the Hand is as hilarious as a puppy and as dangerous as a pit bull. It also leaves its meaning for you to uncover – a good thing according to David Zampatti.

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riter Chris Isaacs and Director Matthew Edgerton. Photo: Annie Harvey  Two men and a dog sit on concrete steps outside a red-brick building. The men appear to be in conversation; they are looking at each other and seem relaxed. The dog gazes at the camera with a sweet expression. It's mouth is open and its tongue looks very pink against its black fur. What to SEE: Bite the Hand

What to SEE: Bite the Hand

4 October 2021

What would happen if your pet dog was given the language and intelligence of a human being? That’s the premise of new play Bite the Hand, a dark comedy that asks discomforting questions about freedom.

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Molly the cat (Alison Van Reeken). Photo: Dana Weeks. Alison Van Reeken is dressed in slick black, she hunches forward dramatically, mouth open. In the background is a dark curtain lit in royal blue. Feline fun abounds in Nocturna

Feline fun abounds in Nocturna

26 August 2021

A magical black cat plus four twenty-something housemates make for much entertainment in Ian Sinclair’s new play Nocturna, reports Rita Clarke.

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Andrea Gibbs and Will O'Mahony. Photo: Chris Canato Will O'Mahony sits on a milk crate in what looks like a student flat. He is lifting his hands in a gesture and his eyes are closed, as though he is thinking deeply about what he is saying. Andrea Gibbs stands nearby. She is looking at her phone. Multiple projections of Will in profile are seen on the walls. Marvellous Minneapolis holds men accountable

Marvellous Minneapolis holds men accountable

29 July 2021

For the second time in a week, young West Australian playwrights take on the gold standard of theatre – the full-length, two-act play – and David Zampatti says Will O’Mahony’s Minneapolis succeeds at it handsomely.

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Two women and a man in bright costumes make bubbles from string. They are standing under trees Foolish fun makes great debut

Foolish fun makes great debut

14 April 2021

Total Theatre Company make their professional debut with a circus-infused production of Alice that Rosalind Appleby and junior reviewer Bethany Stopher say had younger children enthralled.

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