Music: Walkman Antiquarian

13 May 2019

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27 May @ Callaway Auditorium, University of WA ·
Presented by TURA and UWA Conservatorium of Music ·

Intercurrent perform contemporary chamber music for piano, percussion, bass clarinet and electronics in Walkman Antiquarian. The program includes renowned works by Thomas Meadowcroft and John Cage, and a newly commissioned world premiere work by Perth composer Olivia Davies. Olivia’s work Intimate Distance for bass clarinet, marimba, piano and tape is inspired by a recording in her personal library of collected sounds.

“A small sample of this recording was immediately evocative of entirely different
soundworlds and I could hear the potential for a piece. I pushed the sample from
a very high to a very low range, and this became the arc of the piece. As it descends, the character of the music shifts, hinting at familiar soundworlds. That’s where I have this idea of intimate distance—a kind of state of familiarity and detachment. It’s also a bit like listening to electroacoustic music, where we are detached from the source of the sound and are completely immersed in a particular space of listening. I’ve used the live instruments in a way to try and enhance the tape, and create a listening experience that I hope is immersive,” Olivia said.

Intercurrent is Lachlan Skipworth (composer and conductor), Louise Devenish (percussion),Ashley Smith (Bass Clarinet) and Emily Green-Armytage (Piano) with guest artist Jackson Vickery (Percussion). Intercurrent is currently Artist-in-Residence at UWA Conservatorium of Music.

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