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Summer showtime: Act two just for you

19 January 2023

Still wondering what to see this month? Step right up for the second act as Seesaw Mag’s editors peruse an artistic menu for entertaining morsels to please all palates. 

The choice of shows is overwhelming at this time of year. We’re not complaining but it can be hard to decide what’s right for you and yours. 

We’ve done our best to find something for everyone so that you don’t have to wade through the Fringe World and Blue Room’s Summer Night programs (unless that’s your jam, of course). 

Given the fun doesn’t officially start until 20 January, we encourage you to read our guide to the opening weekend. 

And don’t forget, our team of reviewers will be out and about reviewing more than 30 other shows soon, so keep an eye on Seesaw for more fabulous ideas. 

For sassy sisters 

A  woman in a pink top holds her mobile phone up to her face, an expression of shock on her face. She is flanked by a man who is covering his face as if to avoid seeing what's on the screen and a woman with a similarly horrified look on her face. 
They are part of the cast for Bad Feminist at Fringe World.
Audrey gets some shocking news. Photo: Andrea Mae

Bad Feminist
31 January – 4 February @The Kaos Room at The Blue Room Theatre 

Are you a good feminist or a bad one? Audrey is realising how hard it is to be one at all when you don’t have all the facts. She’s just found out her boyfriend might have done something terrible. But has he? And what should she do about it? Written by Holland Brooks and Abi Russell, Sailing With Styx’ theatrical debut aims to bring levity to an uncomfortable topic – the role of the bystander in sexual assault culture.  Described as feminist rom com meets Schrodinger’s cat (a thought experiment involving poison and a cat in a box, no less), this ain’t no ordinary “chick flick”.

Two women lie in a bathtub, one resting her head in the other's lap, eyes closed, disco mirror ball on her lap. The other is staring wide-eyed at the camera, legs hanging over the bath, feet clad in hot pink high heels. They look hungover.
They are part of YUCK Circus, performing at Fringe World.
It’s been a big night for these circus girls. Photo supplied

Off Chops
31 January – 12 February @The Gold Digger at the Pleasure Garden 

It’s 3am, you’re staggering home after one too many drinks and somewhere along the way you’ve lost at least one shoe, if not your dignity. YUCK Circus takes the rowdy night out to new heights in a diamante-studded performance replete with acrobatics, trashy dancing and devilish dialogue. Dedicated to championing the female voice in live performance, YUCK pushes the limits, all while making you laugh.  Read Seesaw’s review of YUCK’s Deadset (also at this year’s Fringe).

A red-headed woman laughs into the camera. Behind her are four others in various poses, including one standing on a chair, one leg cocked behind her, arms akimbo.
These are improv performers from the Fringe World show Love Slaps.
Perth comedians mine our achy, breaky hearts. Photo supplied

Love Slaps
31 January – 4 February @ Rehearsal Room 1 at State Theatre Centre of WA 

We’ve all had dates with demons, our hearts trampled, lovelorn songs on repeat. Perth comedians Tamara Creasey and Elise Wilson will mine all that yearning for comedy gold, with a little help from their friends – and the audience. Each night they will improvise an entire rom com drawn from an audience member’s love story. No two shows will be the same.  The only thing that is guaranteed in each crazy romp is that someone will get slapped. Because love hurts. 

For music lovers

Fairy lights twinkle about a crowd seated on the lawn, an old building in the background. They are watching a woman clad in a red gown who is talking to her band on stage.
This is Catherine Summers at Bishops House for Fringe World.
Catherine Summers returns to Bishops House. Photo: Alex Mansour

Lady Gaga & Tony Bennett
27 January – 4 February @ Night Owl Studio 

They may have been an unlikely pair, but pop star Lady Gaga and jazz icon Tony Bennett sang their way into the hearts of millions with their Grammy-winning takes on timeless tunes. Two of Perth’s top vocalists, Catherine Summers and Matt Milford, bring that magic to life in a hidden “speakeasy”, where they will be backed by a seven-piece jazz band as they swing through classics such as ‘Cheek to Cheek’, ‘Quando Quando’ and ‘Anything Goes’.  You can also hear Summers perform Reimagined 2.0 in the rose garden at Bishops House, Lamont’s, as she reinvents songs from the likes of Dua Lipa and The Beatles. From 31 January to 16 February, this is her eighth season at the venue and it sells out fast. 

A group of eight strike poses against a brick wall. They are all young and showing varying degrees of attitude.
They are part of Rhythmos Choir, who will be performing at Fringe World.
Rhythmos singers battle for bragging rights. Photo supplied

Note Bashing
27 January – 11 February @ Main Hall, Hellenic Club of WA 

There is discord at Rhythmos Choir. The a cappella group have sung as one since 2014, but their different musical tastes have ripped them apart. How will they find their rhythm again?  With a fully improvised game show, naturally. The punks, academics and layabouts will fall and rise with the notes, as they make their way through covers picked and modified by you, the audience. What could possibly go wrong?  The singers will push their vocals in all directions and styles as they battle for bragging rights – or bring back the harmony. 

For cultural connections 

A dancer in a traditional costume strikes a pose. She her hair tied tightly back, shiny comb in her hair, flamenco style.
This is Naoko Christofis from La Pandilla Flamenca
Naoko Christofis is part of the flamenco gang. Photo supplied

28 January and 18 February @ The Ellington Jazz Club; 3-4 February @ Indoor Theatre at Camelot 

La Pandilla Flamenca (the Flamenco Gang) return for their third Fringe with Soleado (Sunny), an appropriate name for an artform infused with warmth and plenty of passion. Flamenco maestra Farida Rabih (Casa del Compas) will join fellow dancer Naoko Christofis, guitarists Jatin Kala and Will Ditcham and Moira Desport (cajon) for an intimate and powerful display of the celebrated Spanish expression. La Pandilla Flamenca’s first three shows for Fringe World will also feature a very special guest, internationally renowned violinist Zola Li (from Sino Swing). Olé! 

The Outsiders welcome one and all. Photo Apurva Gupta

An Evening of African Poetry and Storytelling
31 January – 4 February @ The Blue Room 

What does it feel like to be an outsider? How do you find a sense of belonging in a world that sees you as “other”? Step into the homes of The Outsiders and let each of them tell you in their own way. Following on from their debut at the Propel Youth Arts KickstART Festival last year, they share the modern migrant experience through spoken word and rap. The topics may get heavy, with underlying themes of mental health and community, but this collection of poets, rappers, musicians and storytellers promise a lot of fun, too. And don’t worry about wearing out your welcome – this is a place where everyone is made to feel at home.

For serious silliness 

Two guys in loud shirts make silly faces. One is holding a fake laughing mouth in one hand, a child's keyboard in the other. The second man behind him has a finger in each of his ears.
They are The Listies, who will be performing at Fringe World.
Get super silly with The Listies. Photo: Andrew Wutke

Make Some Noise!
22-29 January @ Studio Underground at State Theatre Centre of WA 

The Listies, aka Rich Higgins and Matt Kelly, are as silly as they come. And the musical comedians wouldn’t have it any other way. The crazy duo has been eliciting belly laughs from kidults – that’s anyone aged 4 to 400 – around the world for more than a decade with a mix of clowning, manic surprises and crazy songs. (That’s when they aren’t whipping up gloriously gross books such as Teleportaloo and Ickypedia.)  As Rich and Matt put it: “Nearly everyone stayed awake and only some of them vomited.” One for the whole family. 

A bearded man dressed like an 80s rock act leaps into the air, arms posed as if holding a guitar. 
This is Alex 'Jinja Assassin' Roberts, national air guitar champion, who will be at the Air Guitar State Qualifiers for Fringe World.
Alex ‘Jinja Assassin’ Roberts is airborne. Photo supplied

Don’t Fret It, Shred It
25 January – 5 February @ The Courtyard at State Theatre Centre of WA 

Fancy yourself with the air guitar in the lounge room? Now’s your chance to shred it like a rock god in front of a crowd. The Air Guitar WA State Qualifiers are looking for the State’s best players. Buy a ticket to compete in one of the two qualifying rounds or book one for free to cheer along your mates. The top four from each round will compete in the final on 5 February. Featuring national air guitar champion Alex “Jinja Assassin” Roberts and performances from State of Play artists, this Fringe World event is bound to be full of hot air. 

Pictured top: Catherine Summers and Matt Milford channel Lady Gaga and Tony Bennett. Photo supplied

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