Fringe World: Justin Heyes ‘Squiggly Thoughts’

8 December 2017

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9-13 February, 6.30pm (Doors Open) 7pm (Starts) @ Verandah Bar @ Rigby’s Bar, 221 St Georges Terrace •

Join Justin Heyes for his hilarious debut show at the Perth FRINGE WORLD!

A master at falling through life and running headfirst into strange situations, Justin has a knack for collecting weird and wonderful stories, which he shares on stage.

At 26, he is married, a Muslim convert, lives in Malaysia, has found national recognition on Malaysian television in a language he barely understands and has nearly died twice – yet despite that, Justin is convinced he has way more in common with you, than any differences he can think of.

In his show ‘Squiggly Thoughts’, Justin wants to explore how, specific details aside, everyone goes through the same thoughts and feelings in these moments, and find the joy in that common thread that ties us all together.

Have you avoided ‘the baby conversation’ with your relatives? Considered your own mortality? Compared your love life to a movie? Caught yourself being a hypocrite, but continued anyway? Or even just overreacted when facing an insect? Justin wants to celebrate all the “Squiggly Thoughts” that make us human.

Originally from the UK and now based in Malaysia, Justin is a regular headliner across South East Asia (and further afield), and is best known for his immersive story-telling and hilarious self-reflection.

His shows touch upon relationships, race, religion, health, cats, strange misadventures and more. Justin’s ability to find common ground through his honest evaluations has led to him being the first international comic to perform stand-up comedy on television in both English and Bahasa Melayu.

In his first FRINGE WORLD show, Justin wants to ultimately prove, that while the details may be different, everyone shares the same experiences.


“Spontaneous and energetic, Justin gives off the sense that he is ready to fly off on a tangent at any moment… And when he does it is comedy gold” – Time Out KL

“He has a penchant for bursting Malaysian rooms with laughter” – That Time Of Night on BFM 89.9

“He somehow makes day-to-day life dangerously funny” – Capital FM

“If you get the chance to, go see him, never fails to entertain” – TRAXX FM

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