Fringe World: Giant & Angry

2 February 2018

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3-25 February @ The Palace Society @ Belgian Palace & The Game Sports Bar ∙
Presented by: Gillian English ∙

Gillian has always been tall. She’s been called sasquatch, bigfoot, & giant. Gillian has always been angry. She’s been told she’s aggressive, combative, and a bitter shrew. Gillian doesn’t give sh*t anymore; she’s giant and angry for a reason!

Coming from a family of men where rage blackouts were a common occurrence, being angry isn’t so much a problem, as a family tradition. “Giant & Angry” will delve into one woman’s curious relationship with her father, and his insistence that one day, she’ll probably have to kill him. A brand new show from one of comedy’s most entertaining rising stars!

More info: https://fringeworld.com.au/whats_on/giant-angry-fw2018

Pictured: Gillian English by Dahlia Katz


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