Lets talk about the future: Better health and wellbeing

19 September 2022

Meri Fatin is joined by specialists in the fields of the arts and mental health to discuss the mental health crisis for artists.

Participation in the arts is unquestionably good for community mental health and wellbeing, but those working in the arts aren’t reporting the same benefits. Artists are burning out and leaving the sector in droves. What’s working and what’s not? Why are the arts often considered non-essential in our culture and what needs to change in the way we market and think about the arts?

Meri Fatin raises these questions and more in this conversation with psychologist Dr Shona Erskine and Dr Christina Davies, director of the Centre for Arts, Mental Health and Wellbeing WA.

Together they tackle one of the most complex issues facing the arts sector, and debate how to change community perception of the arts from a luxury to an essential item.

This podcast was recorded at RTRFM studio in September 2022.

Show Notes

  • A community survey for the report The Art of Being Mentally Healthy, found that people who engaged in the arts for two hours a week reported better mental health than those who didn’t.
  • Good Arts Good Mental Health is developing a message that will encourage engagement in the arts for our mental wellbeing.

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This podcast was produced in partnership with the Chamber of Arts and Culture WA with the support of Lotterywest.

Read the article: “Let’s talk about the future: Better health and wellbeing”

Pictured top L-R: Dr Christina Davies, Dr Shona Erskine and Meri Fatin.

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Author —
Meri Fatin

Award-winning journalist, broadcaster and podcast producer Meri Fatin is a graduate of WAAPA and has been a volunteer presenter at RTRFM for over twenty years. She is the founder of WA Climate Leaders, driving a vision to inspire bold leadership on climate action. Meri likes hanging upside down, so her favourite playground attraction is the monkey bars.

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