Let’s talk about the future: Arts and tourism

14 October 2022

How can the relationship between tourism and the arts be strengthened now and into the future? Meri Fatin talks with Di Bain, Mark Howett and Helen Curtis about exciting new directions unfolding for the arts and tourism sectors.

Tourism and the arts are both finding their feet post-pandemic. How can the relationship between the two be strengthened now and into the future?

In this third and final episode in the “Lets talk about the future” series, Meri Fatin hosts a conversation bristling with optimism and laughter as industry experts discuss the beginning of a new journey for arts and tourism, and how the two sectors can coordinate efforts to share strategies and open the curtain into each other’s worlds.

Joining the conversation is former journalist Di Bain, the Deputy Lord Mayor of City Perth and Chair of Tourism Western Australia, designer and director Mark Howett who is the Director of Place management for Arts and Culture Trust, and visual artist and urban designer Helen Curtis, the founder and director of creative consultancy Apparatus.

Together they talk about the new Tourism WA marketing campaign, whether we might have seen the end of cultural cringe for Western Australians, how there is only one Boorloo and much more.

This podcast was recorded 7 September 2022 at the RTRFM studio.

Show notes:

Listen to the complete “Let’s talk about the future” series: “Can the arts help save the planet?” and “Better health and wellbeing”.

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This podcast was produced in partnership with the Chamber of Arts and Culture WA with the support of Lotterywest.

Pictured top clockwise: Helen Curtis, Di Bain, Mark Howett and Meri Fatin.

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Author —
Meri Fatin

Award-winning journalist, broadcaster and podcast producer Meri Fatin is a graduate of WAAPA and has been a volunteer presenter at RTRFM for over twenty years. She is the founder of WA Climate Leaders, driving a vision to inspire bold leadership on climate action. Meri likes hanging upside down, so her favourite playground attraction is the monkey bars.

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